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Servitec Mini

from Reflex consistently and reliably removes air and gases from the heating water. This not only improves the indoor climate, but also saves on costs and energy.

Greater comfort in the home with less hassle from your heating system!

  • Make efficient use of energy and save on heating costs with an energy saving potential of up to 10.6%.
  • Low-noise operation without heating gurgles or other background noises.
  • Reliable and secure operation of the heating system


  • The investment will pay for itself in no time.
  • Long-term corrosion damage to the system is avoided.
  • No need to manually vent every radiator.
  • Quick to install in the boiler room and also saves on space.
  • NYou will also be making a contribution to climate protection by reducing CO2 emissions.

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Take a look at the video to discover: What is the Servitec Mini? What are its advantages? How does it work?

Product knowledge

Product information

The Servitec Mini is a high-performance degassing machine for use in small-scale systems. Dissolved gases and air are permanently removed from the heating water, which has many advantages.


What are the application areas for the Servitec Mini?

  • suitable for radiators and underfloor heating systems
  • for heating systems with a low water content (up to 1000 litres)
  • also an ideal solution for cooling systems
  • e.g. detached, semi-detached houses, apartment buildings, clubhouses, nurseries

Technical information

  • compact dimensions (cm): 29.5 width x 22 depth x 42 height
  • Weight: 5.6 kg
  • max. system volume: 1000 litres*
  • max. operating pressure: 4 bar

* can be extended with a buffer tank of max. 1000 litres

Why is it so important to have gas-free heating water?

Air and gas in the heating water disrupts the flow and conductivity of the water. Radiators and rooms remain cold, background noises become more frequent and heating costs increase despite the fact that the rooms aren’t heating up. For a durable heating system that offers efficient heat utilisation and higher level of living comfort, we recommend the permanent degassing afforded by the Servitec Mini:

  • The gas-free water is more capable of conducting heat, which results in a higher heating capacity. This not only uses less energy, but also makes the heating process more efficient by reducing the energy consumption, heating costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Using the Servitec Mini to remove air cushions and gases ensures reliable and secure heating. The heat is transported to all rooms and reaches everywhere it is required. Heating failures are reduced in the system along with irritating gurgles and rumbling noises.
  • The Servitec Mini also removes the oxygen that leads to corrosion. Corrosion in turn creates rust, which damages the system. Sludge and dirt start to build up, which prevents the flow of water and creates a “dam” to stop the transfer of heat. The Servitec Mini prevents all of this to ensure a better heating capacity and longer service life of the heating system.

How does air get into the heating system?

Air is the enemy of any heating system. It can get into the system when topping up water or as a result of chemical reactions. But even the heating water itself carries dissolved gases such as oxygen and nitrogen, which then make their way into the heating system. This is something that must be prevented.

Heating systems are watertight but not gas-tight.


How does the Servitec Mini work?

  1. Water high in gas is sprayed through a nozzle into the spray pipe.
  2. A pump sucks the water out of the spray pipe and feeds it back into the system.
  3. The system settings result in the pump taking more water from the pipe than can flow through the nozzle. This brings about negative pressure in the spray pipe, resulting in a degassing effect.
  4. If the pump is turned off, water flows into the spray pipe and forces the removed gas outside via a ventilator.
  5. The now low-gas water is able to absorb new gases once again, thereby steadily reducing the gas concentration in the entire system.

Certified and award-winning:



the Plus X Award for best product and commended in five categories


Its high performance and energy efficiency have been tested by the independent institute ‘ifes GmbH’ and verified by TÜV Nord.


>30,000 products from the Reflex Servitec range are already in use around the world

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